Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will my child ever be able to read on grade level?

Answer: From my experience as an Academic Orton-Gillingham Practitioner, teaching children/students with this scientifically based program, I am able to assess the student’s performance and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction after each session. This provides me with the opportunity to monitor the student’s weakness (or progress) of understanding the concept. Then, additional activities are implemented to reinforce the skill/concept. It has been proven to be effective for most students.

Question: Why do you use Orton-Gillingham’s Teaching Method?

Answer: The goal of this multi-sensory structured language program is to develop children/students to become independent readers. Plus, being able to understand what they have read.

Using the O-G teaching method for children with dyslexia, it provides a specialized research based approach to teach reading, spelling and writing. Students vary significantly in their ability to process information and with this program, students can be giving various exercises and activities specifically designed to strengthen their weaknesses in reading, spelling and writing skills which are important in their daily lives.

Question: Does my child have to be diagnosed “dyslexic” to benefit from the program?

Answer: No. Any child who is 1 year behind in their reading will benefit greatly from this program.

Question: How will I know if my child is progressing as they should be in this O-G program?

Answer: You will receive an assessment called a Mastery Check/Progress Report when your child has completed each level to show his/her progress. And you are welcome to request a consultation at any time.

Question: What is the age range of students in the O-G program?

Answer: Dyslexic and reading challenged students can be identified as early as Kindergarten. Most of my students have been between the ages of 6 and 15.

Question: After my child completes the program, will he/she be cured of being dyslexic?

Answer: No. If your child is dyslexic, he/she will always be that way. But by completing this Orton-Gillingham program, they will have their “tool box” of the necessary basic skills to equip them with the knowledge of language they need to succeed. Coupled with effective instruction and meaningful support, building self-esteem is “building a roadmap to future success for children with dyslexia.”

Overcoming Dyslexia is the name of an excellent book by Sally Schaywitz, M.D, with great information on the latest research to help parents understand what they can do to help their child.